BEWARE OF DOG! He is spoiled rotten! Ten days after Bailey's passing Alli got a phone call from her brother-in-law, he said,  "I don't know if this is what you want to hear or if you're ready for it yet, but there is a 1 year old Golden boy being surrendered RIGHT NOW!" Matt and Alli headed down to meet him, Nashville (who was named Lucky at the time) would not come near Alli, it broke her heart.She reached out to pet him and he cowered. Nash didn't trust women, he did not trust Alli. She didn't know what to do, she was so sad for him, but clearly this wasn't meant to be.

at the ceiling when suddenly a wet dog nose met her face. Nashville sniffed and licked her, Alli sat up and he let her pet him and rub his belly. Nashville's fate was sealed! He hopped in the back of the car like a champ and rode home in the seat. He is bonded to this family in ways that could heal any heart. Matt and Alli really believe that Bailey lead Nashville to them so they would have a complete family once again. One thing is for sure, Nashville sure seems to feel lucky to have a home that treats him and his cat siblings like they are the world!

He was her safe zone. She trusted Bailey so much, that she thought all Goldens were like him. When she met Nashville she realized that was a miscalculation! If it weren't for Bailey, I don't think Nashville would've stood a chance with Ginger after that. Quickly making nice, Nashville won her over. Ginger is our "Grumpy cat" but she sure loves to "cat bark", snuggle and pur.


Alli grabbed the information and called the rescue. After talking with Ginger's foster family Matt and Alli decided to save this little girl.

They brought her home on December

23rd, 2012. Ginger fell in love with Bailey.

Their first married Christmas, Matt and Alli were at PetCo buying gifts for the Dog and Cat family members and on the wall next to the clearance items was the adoptable cat kennel. Alli saw Ginger, a rare female Orange Tabby, the same age as Pumpkin. She was 2 days from euthanasia when she was pulled by a cat rescue 2 years prior. Knowing her chances of adoption were slim,


Matt's friends got Pumpkin in 2006 as a kitten. Pumpkin was the first cat that Alli really liked. So when the possibility of Pumpkin being rehomed came up in conversation, Matt and Alli volunteered to take him! Pumpkin has been "ruling the roost" since November 2009. When


Alli brought Bailey home in March of 2001. He was the only one left of his litter, "the calm one". He chewed everything in sight, did a number on the 2x4's in the garage and no matter what we did, always found a way to spill his water! Smart little bugger that Bai Boy. Once past that stage, 2 years later, he was obedient, loving and quiet. The calm one!

He was so unique with his curly hair and dry nose. Never changing, he seemed like that puppy his entire life. In 2006 Alli moved away and had to leave Bailey at home with her Dad.

In October 2010, Alli and Matt finished the fence in their yard and were able to have Bailey live with them! Alli was beyond excited! Bailey became great buddies with Pumpkin. Usually giving up his spot in the bed for Pumpkin, Bailey was a sweet boy that always wanted to please and love. Loyal and always by your side, he hardly needed a leash.

He was diagnosed with cancer in August of 2011, Alli's worst nightmare, but they caught it! It was removed and treated. Sadly, even after beating thyroid cancer, Bailey was diagnosed with liver cancer in February 2013 and bone cancer in April 2013. Having a wonderful, puppy-like day Bailey slipped and broke his leg right through the middle of a tumor nobody knew he had. Knowing what she did about bone cancer, Alli knew the impending doom. Bailey was a phenomenal animal and even better friend. Anyone lucky enough to have loved him will tell you the same thing, he may have been your "typical" Golden Retriever, but he sure was a special breed.


10 weeks old, first day home , 3.24.01

12 years and 3 months old, 4.23.13

Alli met her husband, Matt, a long long time ago!

Matt was a family friend for many years. Like all friends worth their salt, they grew apart over the years and then back together. Thanks to Alli's sisters, Andria and Jessica (and myspace), Matt was brought back into the family in December of 2006. A New Year's Eve celebration and blizzard landed Matt on Alli's doorstep. The long, snowy drive to Colorado Springs to celebrate with Andria allowed Matt and Alli to catch up on the 5 years they had missed. Creating a friendship again, they spent time together and started dating in Spring of 2007. Matt asked Alli to marry him in Savannah, GA on the rainy night's walk of June 3th, 2011. They were married on a very rainy October 6th, 2012 at their home surrounded friends and family!

Matt is Alli's rock, after supporting her through many health struggles, several career changes and life's wonderful ups and downs; he challenged Alli to start her own business. She knew it had to be a floral business and she knew it needed to be named after her "baby boy". It took a while to come all the way to what you see before you, but it is here and it is worth it!

One happy family!

Discussing with Matt what to do Alli laid down on the floor of PetCo looking up 

Little baby JuneBug, the cause for so many nick names! June was Alli and Matt's lucky number 13. She was their 13th foster and the one they knew would stay forever. She came to them at 8 weeks old and she stole their hearts about 2 minutes later. She came from Kansas with her Mama and 9 brothers and sisters. June and her Mama having all the Toller markings, they know June is at least half Toller. Their best guess for her mix?  Utter cuteness of course! With a touch of hilarity and lots of kisses!  Born March 1st, 2015 and petit in size, her personality is GIANT! Her brother, Nashville, has taught her plenty and they are joined at the hip. As you can tell from the happy-muddy face to the right, she fits right in and they cannot wait to see what she has in store!


Bailey came to live with Matt and Alli, he and Pumpkin were fast friends. They played together and snuggled, they were peas in a pod. Punky misses Bailey. He still sleeps in his bed and snuggles with his old blanket.

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